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July 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to our July development update for DraeAscaria!

We hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. We certainly have! (While also being thankful for air conditioning.)


Let's take a look at what we've been working on this month. (Please remember that everything is a work in progress and could change before release.)


The garden has received an overhaul. Dirt plots have been removed and replaced with planter boxes. Start with a few boxes and then work towards expanding.

New crops have also been added, including the ability to grow trees and... ore!?


Attic renovations have begun! This space will be transformed into a cozy crafting area. Use the cauldron to brew up a variety of potions.

Then move on over to the workbench and build something with the many materials found throughout the lands.

The altar is your location to learn new spells / abilities and upgrade them to their full potential.

Practice Those Skills

After learning those new spells, why not try them out. We have added a practice dummy where you can test your abilities before heading into battle.

Jumping Puzzles

On your journey you may come across some glowing stones. Look around and you will find something floating nearby. Yes, jumping puzzles are being added.

Can you reach the top? If so, you might be well rewarded.

Back Into The Ruins

While exploring the ruins throughout DraeAscaria, you will come across areas which need to be interacted with using a special item or ability.

Follow the hints and you just might find a way forward.

Good Night

After a long day of working your garden, crafting and adventuring, you can crawl into your bed and sleep.

There will NOT be an energy bar and sleeping is NOT required, however, sleeping will advance the time to the next morning.

For side quests which take place over multiple days, this could help speed up the process, but you might miss out on a day of harvesting or adventuring. So sleep wisely.


If you would like to connect with us directly, you can find us on Twitter (DraeAscaria / Mystfang Media) or our Discord Channel.

Thanks for reading,

The Mystfang Media Team


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