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A Quick Status Update

We hope everyone is having a great year so far! We realize it has been a little quiet around here recently and we wanted to touch base to let everyone know what has been happening.

So... Let's jump right in shall we?


We ran into some issues while trying to implement a few systems. This, coupled with the fact that we weren't entirely satisfied with how things were working/looking, led to some debate. In the end we decided to rebuild the project from scratch. Since we were starting over, we chose to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 in order to take advantage of its new features.

It has taken us until now to get back to where we were previously in the project, but things are looking and working much better than before... So totally worth it!

We are still working diligently to get the game into early access by the end of the year and will be sharing screen shots and details of the New and Improved DraeAscaria in the coming months.

Other Items Of Note

  • Our website is in the process of being revamped and refreshed. Gone are the days of just black screens with white text!

  • Our social media accounts are also being updated, and may begin to be used again. Yay!


Thanks for reading,

The Mystfang Media Team


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