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DraeAscaria Game Title

A cozy, magical adventure RPG! Experience a compelling story, rich cast of characters and original music.


As a novice mage, you arrive in Elder Grove to begin your mentorship with the local witch. You will learn the spells and potions needed to explore the world, grow your own magical crops, gather ingredients and fight monsters. While helping the residents of Elder Grove, you will be drawn into a deep mystery that spans many lands and threatens to destroy the world of DraeAscaria!



Throughout the lands are a variety of crafting reagents. Find them in the field; harvest them from plants, trees and ore; or take them from the monsters you defeat. Keep your eyes peeled for the odd collectable too.

DraeAscaria Crafting


While adventuring you will acquire seeds. Use your mentor's garden to plant these seeds and cultivate your own reagents. You will be able to upgrade the garden so you can grow more magical plants, for a price.

DraeAscaria Puzzles


Learn a vast amount of spells from multiple schools of magic. Wield fire and lightning to defeat enemies, summon rain or sunlight to speed the growth of your crops, use air or earth to move obstacles from your path. Finding runestones in dungeons will help you craft stronger spells.

DraeAscaria Gathering


Now that you have your materials, it's time to use them. Brew potions at the Cauldron, craft many types of items at the Workbench, or combine Runes to form new spells at your Altar. Use these newly crafted items to overcome obstacles, give to NPCs for quests, or sell for extra cash.

DraeAscaria Farming


There are many dungeons scattered throughout the lands, each with its own puzzle for you to overcome before challenging the boss. Use your wits, the environment, or the spells you have learned to best the challenge.

DraeAscaria Magic


We will be working with composer Denny Leven for most of the audio in DraeAscaria. Check out some samples below:


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