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Mystfang Media    is a family-owned and operated indie studio. We strive to bring a little joy to the world through our following passions:


Video Games

Video games have always been a huge part of our lives. Our love of the medium started at a young age and brought about many feelings and emotions. We felt a sense of adventure while exploring the halls of Castle Shadowgate, suspense and the fear of getting caught while creeping through the Edison's Mansion, coziness as we met the residents of Pelican Town, and of course wonder and excitement when pressing the start button in any new game for the first time.

Today, we bring our programming and writing backgrounds together in the hopes of creating games that spark some of those same feelings in others.


Music is also a major part of our lives. It can transport you to another time and, once again, evoke a wide range of feelings and emotions.

We are lucky to have a musician among us, looking at you Denny. He breathes life into our games with his musical talents while also working on his own original songs, and even covers from time to time. 


Head on over to Denny's Page for more info.

Relax, forget your troubles and escape reality... For just a little while

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